Most Memorable Lyrics From Reputation

Most Memorable Lyrics From Reputation

"Big reputation, big reputation. Ooh, you and me, we got big reputations." The saga of my obsession with Taylor Swift continues. I have been waiting for a new Taylor Swift album for what feels like an eternity! It's about time reputation came out! I received reputation as a hard-copy in the mail Friday afternoon. I didn't want to … Continue reading Most Memorable Lyrics From Reputation

Why Don't We Treat Friendships Like Relationships?

Why Don’t We Treat Friendships Like Relationships?

We Just Want To Make A Connection Lately, I've been thinking about the relationships in my life - both romantic relationships and friendships. The semester has started again, and I've started making new friends in my classes. I'm also in a new relationship. I've been comparing how romantic relationships and friendships are built. They both … Continue reading Why Don’t We Treat Friendships Like Relationships?