How to Have Confidence for the First Day of School

How to Have Confidence for the First Day of School

Make Your First Day Back The Best DAy of the Year With Confidence

I can’t help it – as much as I love the warm weather, I’m really excited for fall. The weather cooled down ever so slightly last weekend, and suddenly, I found myself dreaming about pumpkin picking, pumpkin bread, apple pies, Halloween, flannel, and many more fall-like things. I’m trying to hold onto the warmer days, but I’m also so ready to embrace fall. 

Not only is fall the time for jeans and pumpkin-flavored-everything, but it is also the time for back to school. A lot of my younger friends started college up again this week. It’s REALLY weird not starting the fall semester again with them. As much as I am excited for the next chapter of my life in my career, I can’t help but get a little nostalgic about back-to-school.

The first day of school is probably one of the most exciting days of the school year. Everything feels fresh and new. There are a ton of possibilities for what is to come over the next two semesters. Everyone is filled with hopes, dreams, and expectations for the new year. It’s a great day to catch up with old friends who you haven’t seen since the end of spring semester, and it’s also an amazing opportunity to make new friends.

In the midst of all of the excitement, the first day back to school can actually be very nerve-wrecking. I remember how stressful it was to pick out a first day outfit, to not know anyone in my classes, and for the professor to hand out the syllabus, which outlined what seemed to be a million assignments I’d have to complete over the course of the semester. It’s okay to be nervous during your first day, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice your confidence.

Whether you’re completely new to a school or are just new to a class, you need to know how to feel confident during your first day. Here are some of my tips on how to remain confident through all of the back-to-school jitters:

Keep Your Cool

As fun as it is to see all of your friends again, the first day of school is really supposed to be about starting your academic studies again in a new year. Merely thinking about all of the test, quizzes, and assignments you’re going to have over the course of a semester can get extremely stressful. My anxiety used to be triggered each semester every time one of my professors handed me the syllabus of all the work we would have to complete over the course of a few weeks. On paper, it looked like a lot of work, and I would instantly start freaking out thinking I wouldn’t be able to complete it all.

As stressful and triggering as the first day of school may be, try your best to keep your cool. When you see that syllabus filled with a ton of work remind yourself that it’s not all due right away and that you will be able to accomplish it eventually. Take a few silent deep breaths if you need to and know that you could always talk to your professor if you’re ever concerned about accomplishing an assignment on time. Also, remember that this syllabus isn’t set in stone. Your professor will probably add and subtract assignments from the list. He will probably move some of due dates too, especially if the entire class needs an extension. Thinking about all of the work you will have to do can be very stressful, but you have about four months to complete it all. That’s a lot of time! So, take a breath and keep your cool. Don’t freak out, be confident in yourself and you abilities.

Dress for Success

It’s so true that how you dress reflects how you feel on the inside. I used to like to dress my best for the first day of school. It wasn’t necessarily because I wanted to impress someone, but it was because I felt good when I wore my favorite outfit or something pretty that I had recently bought. A lot of your confidence can come from how you look. Now, you don’t have to look like a supermodel during Fall Fashion Week. Instead, you should dress in what makes you feel confident. When picking out your outfit for the first day don’t dress to impress others. Dress to impress yourself, and your confidence will ultimately be what ends up impressing the people you meet.

It’s Okay Not to Know Anyone

I was a commuter when I was in college, so I never knew as many people as the residents did. So, when it came to the first day of school there was a good chance that I didn’t know a lot of the people in my classes. Sometimes, I didn’t know anyone at all. It’s really nerve-wrecking to not know anyone in your class, but it’s completely okay to not know anyone, especially in a college class. College is a lot different than high school. Cliques are less defined and friendship groups are more fluid. A lot of people are friends with different kinds of people. You don’t need to have a best friend in every single one of your classes to survive. There’s a good chance your classes won’t require you to interact with your classmates, but if you do have to, I can almost guarantee you that no one will care which friend group you’re in. So, if you walk in on the first day of school and aren’t friends with anyone in your class, it’s okay. College classes are supposed to be about the academics, not about who you know. Once you accept that, you can feel more confident in yourself.

Say Hi to Someone New

Making new friends always makes me feel confident. I’m an extrovert, and I love meeting new people. Nothing gives me more of a high than making a new friend. I remember during the first day of my senior year of college I made like three new friends in one day – that made me feel really good. If you don’t know anyone in one of your classes and you want to have a homework buddy, just start by saying hi. Don’t be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and talk to someone you aren’t friends with. It could be the start of a life-long friendship, for all you know. But, don’t get discouraged if the friendship doesn’t go any farther than talking on the first day. You should be proud of yourself for taking the leap in the first place. It shows that you’re confident enough in yourself to initiate a conversation with someone new.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Before you walk into your first day back to school, give yourself a pep talk. Nothing can give you more confidence then believing in yourself. Even if you don’t think you’re going to be nervous on the first day, a pep talk couldn’t hurt. Say positive affirmations to yourself in the mirror in the morning. As you walk to your first class and whenever you need a boost in confidence, give yourself a pep talk that’s based on how great you’re going to be this year. Talk yourself up with positive thoughts like:

  • You can do this!
  • You will succeed in your classes this year.
  • You will be the best version of yourself that you’ve ever been.
  • You will make new friends and continue having amazing adventures with your old ones.

Whenever you get nervous, remind yourself of these things. It will help boost your confidence and help you have a very positive, successful first day of school.


Confidence is key in any situation, but I think it is really important to have during the first day of school. The first day of class is minor compared to the many firsts you will have in life (first day of work, first presentation, first promotion, etc.). If you know how to be confident during a nerve-wrecking, stressful first day of school, then you will know how to be confident during many more important firsts in your life. So, believe in yourself and be confident.


Good luck, my Dolls!


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