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Staycation Ideas

Staycation’s All You’ve Ever Wanted

I can’t believe it’s August already. The summer is flying by so fast. This was my first summer post-college. Although this was also my first summer of working full time, it doesn’t feel that different from the last few summers of college. I definitely don’t have as much time as I did when I was interning or working part-time, but I’ve hardly noticed the change. 

One thing that does feel different about my summer post-grad is that I feel like I’m constantly moving. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I feel like I’ve been incredibly busy lately even though I don’t have to go to classes anymore. I’ve found personal activities/projects like working out and writing to fill my free time. I’m glad that I am finally able to work on these personal projects, but I think I need a breather. 

I do have a trip planned for the summer, but I don’t always have time or availability to take off for other trips during the season. Not to mention, I hardly have time for all that comes with going on a vacation like planning, booking a hotel, packing, unpacking, etc. If you still want the relaxing feel of going on a vacation without going too far, why not take a staycation? You can take the weekend or a day off from work to do something other than your daily routine. 

The summer is supposed to be a time for relaxing and unwinding. So, take the time you need to do just that. Here are some ways you can take a normal day close to home and make a staycation out of it!

Sit Outside at Night With a Cool Drink

You’d be surprised how something as simple as sitting outside, looking at the stars with your friend or significant other and a nice drink could really change your mood and give you a sense of calmness and clarity. Adam and I have been doing this a lot lately. We’ll grab a couple chairs, a bottle of wine with some glasses, and sit outside under the night sky. During this time, we get to talk without any distractions and few interruptions. Sometimes, we’ll be silent for a couple moments to just gaze up at the night sky. It feels really calming. It takes us out of our busy lives and gives us time to settle down. Even though we’re at home, it almost feels like we’re on vacation because we’ve given ourselves some time to cool down and experience nature.  

Make Your Own Wine Tasting

You don’t have to go to a vineyard to do a wine tasting. You can have your own tasting from the comfort of your home. Another thing Adam and I have been doing is really getting into wine. Every weekend, we go to the local wine seller or liquor store, ask for recommendations, and buy two bottles of wine to test out. It feels really cool to do this because we’re not just drinking wine. We’re actually experiencing it. It also allows us to learn more about wines and be able to better decide which kinds we prefer. So, do your research on wines, ask your local liquor store wine connoisseur, and create your own tasting. Keep track of which wines you like, which you don’t, and why by keeping a journal that you will use during every tasting. 

Spend the Day at a Local Beach or Lake

Day trips are the best kind of staycation. They allow you to hit the road and go somewhere else, while not being too far from home. Ever since I was little, my family and I have always loved going on day trips to the beach. It’s a good way to get out of the house and get some sun. I’m lucky that I have always been within driving distance of the beach. If you’re not, you can always go to your local lake or pool. Pack for your day at the beach, lake, or pool as if you were going on vacation there. I don’t mean that you should pack overnight clothes, but you should pack anything you’d want to bring with you to a beach vacation. Bring some water games to play, props to take Instagramable pictures with, a refreshing summer snack like watermelon, and (if the beach, pool, or lake allows it) your favorite cocktail. After you’ve had enough sun for one day, treat yourself to happy hour or dinner at a restaurant nearby. Bonus points if the restaurant is overlooking the water! 

Simply Take a Day Off

With so much going on, I find it really hard to get things done around the house or even to just have a moment to relax at home. A staycation could really be as easy as taking a day off to just stay home. You don’t have to have any solid plans. You can just enjoy your time being home for once instead of always bouncing around to the next thing If you’re like me and you tend to get stir-crazy without anything to do all day, do things you’ve been meaning to do for a while. You can finally get your nails done or go to the mall instead of online shopping during your lunch hour. Maybe, you can make plans with a friend you haven’t seen in a long time. If you want to make plans for being at home, you can schedule yourself to do things like read a book, try a new recipe, or get rid of some old clothes. Sometimes, all we need to recharge is a day off with little-to-no plans.


Whether you are able to go away this summer or you aren’t, take a staycation at some point. You need a break from your typical routine. While going on vacation can be fun and relaxing while you’re away, the prep work can get kind of tiring – not to mention the laundry you’ll have to do when you come home. A staycation is simple. It requires little planning and almost no packing. It can happen at the spur of the moment. Give it a try! Take a staycation before summer is over.


What would you do for your staycation, my Dolls?


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