Been Here Before - Deep Poetry

Been Here Before

"I know, you think that it’s all broken . I know, but life isn’t all roses."   I grab my glass again, my only defense. I watch your eyes fill up and muscles tense. This is new, this isn’t what you normally do. This is new, I’m seeing a very different side of you.   … Continue reading Been Here Before

Album review of Lana Del Rey's Norman Fucking Rockwell

Lana Del Rey NFR Album Review

Lana Del Rey's Newest Album Norman F-cking rockwell is Everything We've been Waiting for Lana Del Rey is one of my idols. She is one of my top three favorite artists. I love almost every song she blesses this world with. I think the's an amazing writer and an incredible singer. Her voice is soothing and … Continue reading Lana Del Rey NFR Album Review