Make-It-Yourself Date Night Dinners

Make-It-Yourself Date Night Dinners

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I know it may be a bit premature, but I’m already SO excited for Valentine’s Day. I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, even long before I ever started dating. The whole day gives me feelings of love, hope, and joy. Every year, as soon as New Years is over, I can’t wait until stores start putting out all of the red and pink, filled-with-tons-of-hearts merchandise.

While Adam and I are already thinking about what we’re going to do for Valentine’s Day, we still have a few more weekends until the actual day. Since we usually spend the weekends together, we have quite a few more date nights to go until our Valentine’s date night plans. We are pretty much both obsessed with food, so our date nights always involve dinner. Now, it’s no surprise that going out to dinner all of the time can start to break the band. That’s why Adam and I like to make dinner at home a lot. A nice, quiet dinner at home can be just as romantic as dinner at a nice restaurant. Sometimes, it can be even more romantic than a dinner at a nice restaurant.

I love cooking a nice dinner for Adam. It makes me feel good when someone else can enjoy what I cooked. I also like when Adam cooks a nice dinner for me. It makes me feel grateful to have someone who wants to dedicate their time to make me food. Another thing I love is when Adam and I cook dinner together. The combined effort makes for a very fun experience. No matter who cooks the meal, dinner at home is always a great date night.

Here are a few delicious make-it-yourself date night dinners:

Make It Romantic

I find it very romantic when someone to makes a homemade meal for his or her significant other. When I think “romantic dinner at home” I often think about movie scenes: a girl comes home from a long, hard day at work and finds a three-course meal on the table made for her by her man. There are candles lit on the table and wine already poured in the glass. Unfortunately, that scenario has yet to happen to me exactly like that in real life. While Adam and I cook for one another, our date nights at home don’t always have to be as extravagant as in the movies. Just the fact that one of us is making dinner for the other is pretty romantic – even if Adam’s just making me pasta with olive oil and salt. It really is the thought that counts.

The meals you make for your significant other don’t have to be huge five-course meals. They can be simple and easy to make.


For some reason, I equate pasta with romance. Maybe, it’s because of Lady and the Tramp. Maybe, it’s because pasta sauce is often red. Whatever my reason may be, pasta is delicious and it can be very easy to whip up for your honey. Try these pasta recipes:

Homemade Vegan Sausage Ravioli

Homemade Vegan Sausage Ravioli (see below for recipe)

Something You Found on Pinterest

It’s really fun to find a recipe on Pinterest and actually succeed in making it. Find a recipe on Pinterest that looks interesting to you. Either try it out first or take a leap and make it for your significant other during your first attempt at it. Even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you thought would, it’ll probably still be edible. If it’s really not edible, well, that’s what take-out is for. And, don’t worry, you and your sweetheart will get a few laughs out of it. Here are a few recipes I’ve recently pinned:

Make It Together

Most of the time when Adam and I have a date night at home, we make our food together. I think it’s more fun to cook together because everything becomes a team effort. You pick out the recipe together, go to the grocery store together, prepare and cook the food together, and enjoy the food together. It’s cool to see how you and your S/O interact in the kitchen. And, if you can’t do something, he’s there to help you out (I must confess that I always make Adam cut the onions for me). Making food together is also a really great way to get to know someone during the first few dates.

Whether you’re on date number three or date number 300, here are some fun things to make during your dinner date:

  • Pizza – The simplest (and probably most fun) thing to make during a date. You can mix and match with sauces, (vegan) cheeses, and toppings!
  • Pasta – Adam and I have made our own pasta from scratch a number of times. It can be a lot of work, but it’s always a great experience. We’re always pretty impressed with how our pasta turns out, so we must be doing something right. Try this gnocchi recipe or this vegan sausage ravioli recipe.

Homemade Vegan Sausage Ravioli

Make It Sweet

Never forget dessert! Your dinner date doesn’t have to be a multi-course meal, but you can always include a sweet treat for the end of the meal. I always like to make my own desserts, but you can pick up chocolate cover strawberries, two cute cupcakes, or even some plain old Oreo cookies and milk to enjoy with your honey at the end of the night.

If you’re like me and want to go the extra mile by making your own dessert, here are some of my favorite things to make for Adam:

Make It Memorable

You’ve already done a lot by making dinner for your significant other, but, if you want, there are a few things you can do to make the night more romantic and memorable.

  • Set the Table – Don’t treat this as any other night where you and your honey sit in front of the TV and eat dinner on the couch. Instead, set the dining room table. Use nice placemats or a pretty table cloth. Light some candles for ambiance. Make it look and feel like a special night.
  • Wine – Get a special bottle of wine to drink with your food. Maybe even, do some research on what pairs best with the food you made. Your date will be impressed at both your delicious food and at your incredible wine knowledge.
  • Make Conversation – Make it a rule that you and your sweetheart have to put away your phones whenever you have a romantic dinner at home. Putting away your phone will make you have to actually talk to the person your with. You can find out a lot more about each other when you actually sit down and talk while enjoying a meal.

Making food is fun, especially when you’re making it for someone you love and care for. You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to have a romantic dinner at home with your sweetheart. Try one of these date night dinner recipes this weekend!

Make it delicious, my Dolls!


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