New Music: Billie Eilish

New Music: Billie Eilish

“I’ve never fallen from quite this high, falling into your ocean eyes.”

I thrive on finding new music. When I was in middle school and in high school I used to spend hours on YouTube clicking from one artist’s music video to the next to find new music. I would listen to numbers of artists in a night to find one that I could obsess over for the next few weeks. That was when I had time to explore artists on YouTube. With my life being so busy now, it’s hard to dedicate time to finding new artists.

I’ve pretty much been listening to the same music for the past few months. My favorite artists (Lana, Taylor, and Halsey) haven’t come out with anything new for a year or more now. So, I needed to find a new artist to obsess over. Two weeks ago, my friend was like, “You want to hear this artist I found? Her name’s Billie Eilish.” “YES!” I replied. Since that day, I have been obsessed with Billie Eilish and her EP don’t smile at me.

Believe it or not, Billie Eilish is only 16 years old (born in 2001, which makes me feel so old). She’s a singer-songwriter who has recently been gaining a lot of traction on Spotify. I think she just might be the next big thing in alternative music.

Here’s why Billie Eilish is my new music obsession:

Her Voice

This young girl has a huge voice. Her voice is kind of soulful, and she’s able to hit some of the lower, darker notes. At the same time, she seems to like to use head voice for the higher notes in a lot of her songs, which isn’t always easy to master. I like the way she uses a combination of soulful, low notes and higher, airier notes. In some of her songs, Billie’s voice reminds me a bit of Lorde’s voice (another young, powerful vocalist). Before showing me Billie Eilish’s music for the first time, my friend actually compared her to Lorde. Billie also reminds me of another artist. In other songs, her voice reminds me a lot of Melanie Martinez’s voice, especially when she takes on the higher notes without using head voice. They both have a gentle yet bold way of singing their high notes. Whether her voice reminds me of Lorde’s, Melanie Martinez’s, or both, Billie has a unique voice that is intoxicatingly beautiful.

Her Sound

I absolutely love Billie Eilish’s sound. It’s incredibly different from top 40 music. It’s also slightly different from a lot of other alternative songs. I really like her sound because it’s dark. Her sound reminds me of both Lorde and Melanie Martinez in that way. All of Billie’s songs are very powerful and mesmerizing. The way her voice is edited in some of the songs makes it sound like a chorus of taunting ghosts, ready to haunt your mind with the sounds for the next few days. Even her more upbeat songs have eerie hints to them. I think Billie’s sound is really what makes her stand out from a lot of artists today. I like artists that have unique sounds, like Lana Del Rey, Halsey, and even Charli XCX (on her older albums). When I listen to a new artist I don’t want to listen to a song that just sounds like a copy of a song by another artist. I want to listen to something that’s new and interesting.

Her Lyrics

Billie Eilish’s lyrics are another aspect that makes her stand out. Like fellow alternative artists, her lyrics are intricate and poetic. Some of her lyrics are a little dark, though, fitting in with her style. Take these lyrics from “watch” for example, “I’ll sit and watch your car burn/ with the fire that you started in me.” Lyrics like these definitely keep the listener on her toes. Billie also has a lot of Instagrammable lyrics. I’ve already used a few. From “idontwanttobeyouanymore,” I quoted ““If ‘I love you’ was a promise, would you break it if you’re honest?” That’s such a delicate line to me. It makes you wonder, “Should ‘I love you” be a promise?” I also used “Watch me make ’em bow one by one by one” from “you should see me in a crown” as an Instagram caption. “you should see me in a crown” is such an energetic, powerful song. It reminds me of Lorde’s “Royals” a tiny bit. It’s definitely darker song than “Royals” though. Billie’s lyrics are pretty awesome. You’ll be seeing me use more of her lyrics in my Instagram captions to come.

Her Dancing

You know how most pop stars seem to have the same cookie-cutter choreography for their music videos? Billie Eilish does not. The choreography in her music videos is of the lyrical genre. I danced a few lyrical numbers back in high school, so I greatly appreciate the choreo in Billie’s music videos. It’s refreshing to see an artist that uses more delicate, graceful dance moves in her videos. I think lyrical is one of the most beautiful genres. The lyrical choreography adds an elegant element to the entire feel of the song. Another thing I really like is that Billie dances in her music videos. Some artists only have other people performing the choreography. Billie, on the other hand, takes part in the dancing from beginning to end. Take a look at “watch” and “ocean eyes” for some awesome lyrical choreography.

My Favorite Songs

While I’m obsessed with the entire don’t smile at me EP, I do have a few favorites. I think “you should see me in a crown” is my favorite Billie Eilish song. I like songs that have to do with crowns, royalty, and making your way to the top. I also like the high energy and dark elements of this song. When I first heard it I actually thought it’d be a perfect song to use for a dark lyrical dance.

My close-second favorite song is “COPYCAT.” This is another powerful song. I love the lyrics in this song, especially, “You better love me, ’cause you’re just a clone.” She’s blatantly calling out someone for copying her. Sounds like a good song to give you an ego boost during a breakup or the ending of a friendship.

My third favorite song right now is “idontwannabeyouanymore.” It’s such a dainty song and the lyrics are raw and real: “Tell the mirror what you know she’s heard before – Idontwannabeyouanymore.” It’s kind of a sad song too. The lyrics sound like they’re sung by someone who’s hurting and not happy with herself. Even though the lyrics may be sad, it’s still a beautiful song.


Billie Eilish is definitely my next music obsession. I’ve been listening to her EP for two weeks straight at this point. I hope she comes out with a full-length album soon, so I have more music to obsess over. No matter what genre of music you favor, Billie Eilish is worth the listen. Her music is extremely mesmerizing and even kind of haunting.

Get obsessed, my Dolls!


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