Real Talk: Alone Time

Real Talk: Alone Time

“I got a million different people tryna kick it, But I’m still alone in my mind.”

I’ve been back from Europe for a few weeks now, and I’m back to reality. Back to work, back to living at home, back to the gym, back to routine. I have been extremely busy ever since I got home. I’ve pretty much had something to do or someone to see every day. It’s been really great to catch up with my friends and family and tell them about my experiences, but I honestly haven’t had a chance to breathe yet. I’m surprised I even found a chance to unpack! Don’t get me wrong, I love being busy. I’m not the type of person to sit around at home without any plans whatsoever. Being busy keeps me sane. Through all of my busyness and meeting up with friends and family, I can’t help but wish for a quiet night in with a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta – the type of night when even my family is out and I get the whole house to myself.

I consider myself an extrovert. I thrive when I’m with other people, and I like to spend 90% of my free time out and about. I usually like to have my weekends filled up with plans. Since I’ve been back from Europe though, I feel like my life has been go-go-go. I think it’s time for a little me-time.

Alone Time Is Good

I love surrounding myself with people, but sometimes I need a day or a night to myself. It’s really beneficial to have a little bit of alone time, even if you are an extrovert like me.  Having alone time helps you rest and recharge. It helps you get things done at home that you’ve been putting off for a while. Most importantly, it gives you time to think for yourself and make your own decisions without others’ input. As fun as it is to hangout with friends, making plans, trying to decide what you’re going to do, what time you’re going to do it, and how you’re going to get there, can be VERY tiring. We all know how hard it can be to get all of our friends to agree with the plans at once. When you have alone time you don’t have to worry about waiting for other people to make up their minds. You get to decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. This makes your day or night more relaxing because you get to do exactly what you want to.

Set Aside Some Time for Yourself

Before I got into a serious relationship, I used to have alone time a lot more often. I want to spend almost all of my free time with my boyfriend, which isn’t a bad thing, of course. Now, it just seems like when I’m not hanging out with Adam, I’m either hanging out with a friend or a family member. I feel like I don’t have time for alone time. When you feel like you don’t have time for alone time that’s when you need it the most. Even if you just set aside an hour for yourself on Monday night to work on a personal project (this blog is usually my weekly me-time) or watching an hour of TV (something I haven’t really done in a long while), it’s worth doing. Any little amount of time you can have to spend on yourself will help you rest, relax, and gain peace of mind.

Do What You Want to Do

My perfect night of me-time includes being completely home alone, drinking wine, making myself a nice dinner, baking one of my favorite desserts, and watching TV. I used to have these types of nights a lot more, and I really miss having time for them. It’s kind of like a planned hangout for myself. I used to get excited about my solitary wine and dine nights. Your alone time should be completely yours to do whatever makes you happy. Maybe, it would make you happy to finally clean out your closet and get rid of some clothes. Or, maybe, you’d rather spend your alone time going to a farmer’s market or shopping at the mall. Your alone time should include the things that make you happy and make you feel relaxed.

It Doesn’t Make You Antisocial

Even the most extroverted people need a little bit of alone time. Having alone time doesn’t make you antisocial. It’s okay to say no to hanging out with someone in order to have the me-time you’ve set aside for yourself. I’ve done that before. When someone asks me to hangout on a day I’ve planned my me-time I tell them something along the lines of “Sorry, I can’t. I’m staying home alone tonight to drink wine, bake, and watch TV.” A lot of the time when my friends hear this their response will be, “Wow, that actually sounds really fun and relaxing.” Don’t be afraid that your friends will be offended or think you’re antisocial for saying no to their invite. You also don’t have to lie to them to cover up the fact you’re hanging out with yourself. If you need some alone time once in a while, I’m sure your friends can understand that.


We have to know when it’s time to hit pause in our social lives. I love being a social person and having plans every weekend. It can get tiring though when you’re always out or always with another person. You need some time to focus on just yourself. Whether it’s being home alone for a few hours or walking in the park by yourself on a sunny day, a few moments for quiet self-reflect is good. It helps you ground yourself and get to know yourself better. So, pencil some me-time into your schedule within the next few weeks and embrace your alone time.

Rest, relax, and renew, my Dolls!

One thing you should think about during your alone time? Seizing opportunities! Read “Real Talk: Seizing Opportunities” to learn why.

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