Senioritis (Part 2)

Senioritis (Part 2)

Getting Closer!

It’s Spring Break, baby! This week has been nice and relaxing. It kind of feels like I’m detoxing from school. It’s nice to be able to just work without having to worry about going to class or completing things that are due tomorrow. (Makes me feel like a real adult!)

Spring Break is almost over at this point, but that’s not making me as sad as it usually does. It’s just making me more anxious. Spring Break falls in the middle of the semester.  So, that means that this semester is halfway over (thank God). I’m a senior now, but I feel like I’ve had senioritis for like three years at this point. I thought my senioritis was at an all-time high when I wrote Senioritis (Part 1). It has honestly just gotten worse since then. I’m itching to get out now more than ever!

Since this week marks the mid-point of my semester, I thought now would be a good time to follow up with how I’m feeling about senior year.

When It’s Not Even The End of Your Academic Career

I’m always so happy that I’m a second-semester senior, but then I remember that I’m also a first-year grad student. Don’t get me wrong – I’m really happy I made the choice to get my master’s degree. I probably wouldn’t have gone back to school to get it if I wasn’t able to do an accelerated program. It’s just hard/annoying when people’s responses to my complaints about school (yes, I complain here and there) are “At least you’re almost done!” At that point, I’m reminded that after I walk in graduation this semester, I still have another whole year of classes to embrace.  Like I said, this is the best choice for me. I’m satisfied with my decision. It’s just kind of like a “PSYCH!” moment when I realize this semester is not the end of the road for my academic career.

When Everyone Tells You To Enjoy Being In College

Who else can relate to this – almost every time I tell someone who is out of college that I can’t wait until it’s over, I get the same response. People usually say to me some version of “You’re so lucky you’re still in college. Enjoy being in school. Never leave.” I completely understand where these comments are coming from. The real world is toughThere are’s bills to pay, kids to worry about, jobs to be done, health insurance to worry about, and so much more. Believe me, I am in no rush to take on all of those responsibilities. But, with all of the stress from papers, tests, homework, and other anxieties of school, I always ask myself, “How bad could the real world be compared to all that?” Part of my senioritis stems from feeling restricted. I don’t have free time after work and class to do what I want because I have to sit down and do homework. College sure doesn’t feel as fun as people are making it out to be.

When You Barely Even Go to School Anymore

I feel like I’m half-in and half-out right now. I only have to be on campus for three classes this semester, which is awesome. The rest of my time is spent at work. It definitely feels like work has become the priority. Classes follow at a close second. When I do go on campus for class or to stay at a friend’s dorm, it feels weird. It feels like I don’t really belong there anymore. I feel like I’ve outgrown the campus and the hype of being in college. This is probably a good thing, though. It means that I’m ready for the next step in my life.

When You Still Have a Thesis To Write

Don’t even get me started. This thing has been breathing down my next since junior year. I really love my topic (the media’s communication of the ideal thin and how it affects the average woman), and I am excited to talk about it. It’s just the matter of actually sitting down for a couple hours to write it. Sometimes, I’ll think I have nothing to do because I don’t have homework from my other classes. Then, I’ll remember my thesis. I’ll have an “ugh, do I have to?” moment before breaking down and spending a little time on it. I have been pretty good about writing it. I finally broke the 20-page mark. I just have to figure out what comes next for it. Like I said, I love my topic, but at this point, it’s just another thing that I have to do before I graduate.

When You Just Want To Live YOur Life without School Stress

Speaking of things that I have to do before I graduate, there are a lot of other homework, tests, papers, and classwork that I still have to do in the next couple weeks before I graduate. I know everyone says that work is so much harder than school, but right now I don’t believe it. Ever since I can remember, I have gone home from spending hours at school just to come home and do hours of homework. I’m sure having a full-time job is stressful, but hours of homework and the anxiety of the grading system seem so much more stressful to me right now. At least when I’m working full-time, I will be paid for trying hard and succeeding. All I get out of trying hard at school is stress and grades, which cause more stress. I can’t wait until I’m finally able to not have to worry about grades, homework, tests, and all of those other anxiety-triggering things associated with school.

When You Still Have Another Year to Figure Things Out

I know I literally just complained about having to go to school an extra year. As much as I complain about it, I see a silver lining in another year of school. In addition to getting my master’s in only a year of grad school, this extra year gives me more time to figure things out. I haven’t looked into “what comes next too” much yet. I think I’m kind of used to winging and taking chances in my career. I should spend a little bit of time creating 5-year, 10-year, and even 15-year goals for myself. I’m hoping this extra year will help me start thinking seriously about what I want out of life and my career.


I’m completely aware that once I get into the real world and have a full-time job I might not feel this way about school. I don’t think my thoughts on school versus work will change too much in the future, though. I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life to graduate and become a real young adult. Now, it’s so close but so far away. I really am both excited and anxious. But, hey, I mean at least I have an additional year of grad school to help ease me into the transition, right?


We’re almost there, my Dolls!


As anxious as I am to get out of school, I really am happy with the way my life is right now. Read “How to Live Your Best Life.”

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