2018 Focus: Improve Your Quality Of Life

2018 Focus: Improve Your Quality Of Life


It is truly astounding that it’s 2018 already. Last year went by so fast. It practically feels like it was only a month long. While I am going to miss some of the moments from 2017, I am very much ready to embrace a new year head on. I’m excited to experience new things, learn new lessons, meet new people, and spend more time with those near and dear to me.

A lot of you have probably picked out a resolution to (hopefully) last you through the year. You’re resolving to do things like go to the gym more, get a new job, or even get an A in your finance class. Instead of making specific resolutions, I like to do multiple things that will benefit my life in the long-term. This year I would like to improve my quality of life overall. What I mean by this is doing little things to make me a better, happier, and healthier person in general.

Here are some things that I am going to do this year (and you should too) to improve my quality of life in 2018:

Eat BEtter

Eating healthier or losing weight seems to be everyone’s New Year’s resolution. Fortunately, I am not at the point in my life where I feel like I have to lose weight. I do think though that I could be more conscious of what I eat and when I eat. As all busy college students, I sometimes don’t have time to eat or I grab the first quick option I find. This year, I would like to be more aware of what I eat and when. If I’m hungry, I shouldn’t put it off until after I finish an assignment. I need to take a break to give my body what it needs. I should also be more aware of what I am eating and if I’m getting all the nutrients I need. Even though I’ve been a vegetarian for a few years now, I still have to make sure I’m getting protein, iron, calcium, and all those other good things.

Get Rid Of Negative Energy

I started learning that if someone is bringing negative energy into your life by making you upset or doing something you’re not comfortable with that you don’t have to keep that person in your life. In fact, it’s more beneficial to you if you don’t keep them in your life. Negative people will only bring you down and make you unhappy. Luckily, I don’t think I have any negative people in my life right now. In 2018, I would like to continue to be mindful of this by recognizing when someone is bringing negative energy into my life and being able to say goodbye to that person.

Spend Time With People Who Appreciate You

The best people to value in your life are the people who value you. It’s hard for any relationship to be exactly 50/50, but there are some that come pretty close to it. There are some people who have gone and will always go above and beyond for me. I’m incredibly thankful for these people. They clearly appreciate my friendship, so I want to appreciate them back. This year, I want to put these people at the top of my list. They will be my priority to hangout with and talk to. I want to show them how much I appreciate them and how grateful I am to have them in my life.

Put Yourself First

I have to keep reminding myself to do this. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m used to putting my feelings and needs aside for another person. I often end up getting hurt because of this. There’s nothing wrong with putting myself first where it really counts. At the end of the day, it’s my life. I should be able to live it according to what I want, not what someone else wants. I would like to keep reminding myself this year that there’s nothing wrong with putting myself first. Sometimes I have to do it to be happy. In the new year, I should continue to put my feelings and needs first.

Step Out of YOur Comfort Zone

I’ve learned that the only way to really experience life is by stepping out of your comfort zone. Not going to lie, I like my comfort zone. It’s, well, comfortable. I look back at all of the wonderful experiences I had last year. I wouldn’t have done a lot of them if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone. When faced with an opportunity or decision, sometimes, you have to put all of your anxieties aside and simply say, “Why not?” I want to continue working on stepping out of my comfort zone this year. If I want to live a richer life with more experiences, I have to be willing to take a chance.


These are a few things I want to keep in mind as I embrace 2018. Doing this will help me improve my overall quality of life. It will help me live more contentedly and gratefully. Going into a new year is scary because we don’t know what’s going to happen. I think we should all remember these things with every experience we have this year, even the good, the bad, and the ugly. Improving your quality of life will help you be happier and live with far fewer regrets. Definitely, add this to your New Year’s resolution.

Happy 2018, my Dolls!


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