Why I'm Obsessed with Fall

Why I’m Obsessed With Fall

The Best Season of the Year

All pumpkin-spice loving, boot wearing, basic girls can rejoice! We’re almost a week into fall! Though I am not a fan of pumpkin spice lattes (among one of my many unpopular opinions), fall is my favorite of the four seasons. I get so excited when the air starts getting crisp and when I see the leaves beginning to turn vibrant colors. As soon as August hits, I can’t wait for the change of seasons. If it were up to me, I would have started decorating my house for Halloween back in July! I’ve been counting down the days until pumpkins are ripe enough for picking, since last fall.

Unfortunately, fall is still associated with the beginning of a semester for me as I finish my undergraduate degree and go on to get my masters. But, I don’t let that affect my love for the season. Almost every basic girl (yes, I do acknowledge that I am one) is obsessed with fall. It’s the season for drinking pumpkin spice lattes and taking cute Instagram photos in apple fields. Let’s be real, fall should be the designated “basic” season at this point, and I’m not complaining one bit. While there are many different reasons for liking the season, I have my own reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why I’m obsessed with fall:

The Magic and Nostalgia

When I think of fall I think of my childhood. I think of spending hours on fall hikes with my dad, going pumpkin picking with my whole family, and trick or treating with my little sister. I remember how the crisp air felt on my skin right before jumping into a huge pile of leaves. It all feels like just yesterday, while also feeling like worlds away. My fondest childhood memories are from the fall. I’m not sure why, but this time of the year is engraved into my memory. Maybe it’s the changing of seasons or the activities my family and I did together. Fall holds a special place in my heart. Thinking about the season only brings me comfort. Fall brings me back to the magic and wonder of being a child.

Fall is still a magical season for me. As soon as the air started to become crisp, I feel almost as if I am transported to another place. Fall is a time for change. I don’t always do well with change, but this season is safe and comforting. The atmosphere almost makes me feel braver. The fall makes me want to embrace change at full-force because the season has always been kind to me. It always has been and always will be magical.

Fall Foods

I’m pretty sure the first time I tried a pumpkin spice latte was last weekend when I sipped from my boyfriend’s PSL frap. It was alright… I think it would have been better as an ice cream on top of a pie or something. While I’m not quite fond of pumpkin spice lattes at all, but I really enjoy all of the other foods fall has to offer. Fall is my favorite season because of the foods that are in season. It’s no surprise that I LOVE squash – any type of squash, cooked any way. The entire summer I suffer through with small squashes from the grocery store. As soon as fall hits, I run to the nearest farm to buy large, quality squashes.

I’m also very addicted to apples. I go crazy apple picking in the fall. I love how there are so many different types of apples, and they all have distinct tastes. While I enjoy eating an apple raw, I like it best in a homemade apple pie.

Fall is filled with so many different flavors and foods. I started my fall baking even before the season officially started. Every basic fall-lover knows how to appreciate all the tastes the season has to offer!

Fall Activities

I feel like fall is the one season when you have to take part in the seasonal activities. Fall activities are very specific, which makes them unique compared the other seasonal activities. Pumpkin picking, apple picking, fall baking, fall hiking, going to a corn maze, Oktoberfest, and pumpkin carving are just a few fall activities. The weather is cooling down, but it’s not too cool yet. So, every weekend is the perfect opportunity to spend some time outside.

No matter what fall activity I’m taking part in, I know I will have fun. I’m not sure if I have a favorite activity, though. Pumpkin picking makes me the most nostalgic. I still like going with my parents just to try to recreate my childhood memories. In general, I love baking. Baking with fall ingredients just makes things even more fun. I think my favorite types of fall activities are farm-based activities. I love going on haunted hayrides and getting lost in a corn maze. There’s something about spending an entire day (or night) at a farm that makes me feel more fall festive.

Cozy Weather

They don’t call it sweater weather for no reason. As I said before, fall is cool, but not too cold. You can wear big sweaters and jean jackets without having to worry about a heavy winter coat. Even though some fall days are warmer than others, overall the days are crisp. The crisp air is sure to put anyone into a cozy, cuddling mood. I love wearing big sweaters and cozying up to a special someone in front of a fireplace or bonfire during my fall nights. I’ll admit it – loving cozy weather and wearing big sweaters is one of the basic girl stereotypes for loving the fall. But, I have no shame.

Halloween and My Birthday

My birthday and my favorite holiday both happen in the fall. My birthday falls in late October, only a few days before my favorite holiday, Halloween. Part of the reason I love fall is because of those two factors. I think that’s also why I feel very nostalgic during the fall. It reminds me of my family birthday parties and trick or treating in my neighborhood. I also feel like fall is more of my season because I was born in the fall. The start of the fall feels like the start of my birthday season (because I do end up making October my “birthday month”).

Maine in the Fall

As you know, Maine is my favorite place in the entire world. It’s the Wonderland to my Alice. I feel the most at peace when I’m there. Maine is gorgeous in general, but in the fall it transforms to an autumn paradise. The temperatures are slightly cooler there than where I live, and that makes me feel so much cozier. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous, with the vibrant colors of the leaves reflecting into the vast ocean. Ogunquit, the town I stay in, is alive and pulsing with seasonal decorations in every inch of space. I haven’t been to Maine during fall since high school. It’s making me kinda sad and very nostalgic just thinking about it right now. If you haven’t been to Maine yet, I definitely recommend visiting in the fall. It’s a pure paradise.


Okay, yeah… some of my reasons for being obsessed with the fall are kind of basic. But, I have no shame in that. Fall is my absolute favorite season, so I’m proud of my basicness. I’m practically counting down the hours until fall won’t be associated with school for me anymore and I can just enjoy it to its fullest. I’m barely hanging on with that right now.) The time will come before I know it. Until then, I will just enjoy the fall the best ways I can.

Have a happy harvest, my Dolls!


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