How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

Summertime is skin care time

Summer officially starts tomorrow. This season is much needed after what felt like a winter that would never end and after way too many cloudy gross days to count. I’m so happy that I’m finally able to spend more time outdoors and finally feel the sunshine on my skin. I’m trying to spend any free-time I have outside that I can. I even started going for walks during my lunch break to get some extra time in the fresh air. It’s so refreshing!

As much as I love summer, the season calls for paying a little more attention to my skin. Hot, humid days can cause my skin to become a bit more oily than usual. Too much time spent in the sun could be damaging to my skin. With all of the summer fun, skin care isn’t always the first on our minds. Over the past week or so, I’ve been thinking a little more about my skin and the products I use. I use quite a bit. So, I thought it was to price-up some products once again.

As in “How Much Does My Face Cost: Going Out Makeup,” there is a wide variance in prices of the products. Also, most of these products last me an entire month or more. Just because one product may seem expensive, I’d like to think I’m getting my money-worth.

I’m predicting that the total cost of my skin care products won’t be as much or above what my going out makeup products cost. I feel like my skin care products will be around the $75 range. Let’s see how right I am.


Morning Products

I have a morning skin care routine and a night time routine. I pretty much use different products for both routines. I’ll make a note if I use the same product for day and night.

Facial Cleanser

I use CLEAN & CLEAR’s ESSENTIALS Foaming Facial Cleanser during both my morning routine and my night time routine. It’s more of a basic cleanser, but I think it does an excellent job of cleaning my face. I have had trouble with some cleansers in the past. Some have dried out  or irritated my skin. The smell of some other cleansers has bothered me, as well. This cleanser is very basic, but it works perfectly for my skin. 

How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

The Price? $3.97 at Target

My sister and I share this cleanser, and it lasts us a little over a month. I’m not sure how many times a day she uses it, but I use it at least twice a day. Under $4 is a great price for something that lasts that long!

Spot TreatMent

I am beyond lucky (and I am completely thankful too) that my acne isn’t too unmanageable. I do still break out occasionally and will get whiteheads and blackheads here and there. Unfortunately, the occasional breakout is something that is probably going to haunt me for the rest of my life. There’s no growing out of that. After cleansing my face in the morning, I like to put CLEAN & CLEAR’s PERSA-GEL 10 Acne Medication on the spots I’m most prone to pimples (forehead, nose and chin). It definitely does help prevent budding acne from turning into a full-on break out.

How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

The Price? $4.99 at Target

Spot treatments do tend to get on the pricey side, especially the stronger they are. This particular type is one of the cheaper spot treatments out there, and it still claims to be “maximum strength.”

Morning Face Lotion

When I was younger, my grandma told me not to use face lotion because it would make the pimples thrive and multiply. I stopped using face lotion for like three weeks and it completely dried out my skin. Face lotion is important! For morning face lotion, I like to use Estée Lauder’s DayWear in Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant 24H-Moisture Cream with SPF 15. I definitely like to use a moisturizer that has some SPF in it to protect my skin in the summer. I also like that it has antioxidants in it because I want to prevent wrinkles before they start. Even though it has SPF in it, the lotion is on the lighter side. So, my face doesn’t feel completely oily the rest of the day, and I can put foundation on top of it easily.How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

The Price? $34 on the estée lauder website for one ounce

One ounce of this moisturizer will last me about two months, even though I use it every day. It does get a little pricey. I try getting it as part of a free-gift with purchase pack whenever Estée Lauder offers it. It’s definitely worth waiting to purchase something until there’s a free gift with purchase.

Body lotion

I HAVE to moisturize my body after taking a shower. If I don’t, I’ll end up feeling like my skin is dry the rest of the day. I tend to switch out body lotions often because I like mixing up the scents I use. My favorite lotions are Bath & Body Works’ ULTRA SHEA Body Creams. They’re not too thin, like they hardly feel like they moisturize at all, yet they’re not too thick, like they your skin is sticky after each use. My favorite sent is “Vanilla Bean Noel,” but, sadly, they only sell that scent during the holiday season.

How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

The Price? $13 at the store

I hate spending money on body lotion, but it has to be done. One of my other favorite body butters is $19 at Sephora. I would say they’re both the same in quality. I choose which to purchase based on which scent I want or by how much I want to spend.

Morning Routine total: $55.96

A little more than I had expected…

Night Time Routine

Makeup wipes

The best part of the day for me is when I’m finally able to take off my makeup. I can relax and unwind at the end of a long day. I’m very picky about what makeup wipes I use because a lot of them irritate my eyes. The makeup wipes that work best for me are Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towelettes in Original Fresh. This brand does not irritate my eyes or my skin. It has a nice light scent too. I really like the texture of the wipes because they’re gentle.

How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

The Price? $9.99 for the 71 ct at target

I prefer to buy the 71 count pack of these wipes because it comes with two full-size packs and a travel-size. Each full-size pack is $4.69 at Target. It just makes more sense to buy the three-pack, especially since makeup wipes are something I always need.

Makeup Remover

After removing my eye makeup with a wipe, I use an additional cleanser to get off my face makeup. This cleanser is Albolene. It does basically the same thing as baby oil, except it’s far less oily. It goes the extra mile in makeup removal. The directions say that you only have to towel it off and don’t need to wash your face or moisturize it after, but I still do for added cleanliness.

How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

The Price? $10.79 at Harmon Face Values

A 12oz jar will last both my sister and I at least six months, if not more. The great thing about Albolene is that you don’t have to apply a lot for it to get the job done well.

Night Time Face Lotion

Since my skin tends to run on the more combination-oily side, I like to use a very light moisturizer at night. Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ is perfect for me. Though it’s a light lotion, it never isn’t enough for my skin – it never dries me out. The scent is also extremely light. That makes it even better because I don’t keep smelling it all throughout the night.How Much Do My Skin Care Products Cost

The Price? $27 for 4.2 fluid Ounce bottle with a pump

The 4.2 ounce bottle with a pump lasts me at least three months. Even the sample sizes last me  a long time. As with the Estée Lauder lotion, I try to get this one in a free-gift with purchase pack any time I can.

Night Time Routine Total: $47.78

Skin Care Products Grand Total: $103.74

Originally, I was going to estimate the total would be around $100 rather than $75, but then I thought $100 would be too high. Guess it isn’t. So if I spend about $100 on skin care products and about $170 on my going out makeup, that means I spend about $270 on both together. Wow, that’s pretty expensive.

Still, a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. And, like I keep mentioning, each product lasts me a while. I’m not constantly spending this amount. It’s spread out over a period of time. I still find it very interesting to learn how much I actually spend on essentials.

Remember to take care of your skin, my Dolls!


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