Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Album Review

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Album Review

“I’m finding it hard to leave.”

Halsey is like my spirit animal. She writes all the thoughts that are in my mind. Before Halsey’s first album debuted, I fell in love with her music because of her EP, Room 93.  My favorite song on that EP, as well as my all-time favorite Halsey song, is “Is There Somewhere.” After listening to that EP over and over again, I was very excited to hear her first album. I tell people that if I were to have my own album, it would sound like Halsey’s Badlands. From the instrumental to the lyrics to the use of texture within the songs, that album is 100% exactly what I’ve imagined my own album would sound like. Everything about Badlands was perfect. I thought it was so perfect that I listened to it for a month straight when it first came out.

You can only imagine how long I’ve been waiting for Halsey to come out with new music. I was so excited when “Now or Never” dropped a little over a month ago. This song was a little different than what I was expecting. It sounded a little more mixed than the songs on her last album and slightly more pop. I felt as though there were more effects added to Halsey’s vocals, making them less organic than the songs on “Badlands.” Nonetheless, I was still excited to hear the rest of hopeless fountain kingdom.

Then Halsey dropped “Eyes Closed” as her next single. I fell absolutely in love with everything about this song. I like how the first verse starts off with the echo of Halsey’s voice and suddenly drops into the chorus, in an exploding kind of way. The chorus of this song, once again, did sound a little more pop to me than the songs on her last album, but the tone of the song made up for it. This song is about missing one person, but trying to distract yourself with someone else. The lyrics are slightly more simple, but they are very interesting: “And I, I know how to play. I know this game. It’s all the same.”

The next single that dropped was “Strangers” featuring Lauren Jauregui. The opening instrumental in this song reminds me slightly of the beginning instrumental in Justin Bieber’s “The Feeling,” which actually features Halsey. I loved “The Feeling” when it first came out because it did have a different vibe than Justin Bieber‘s typical pop instrumental. It had a bit of an alternative edge to it. It’s interesting that the instrumental in “Strangers” reminds me so much of “The Feeling.” I feel as though the two songs are connected somehow.

The entirety of hopeless fountain kingdom finally dropped almost two weeks ago. I was away on vacation when the album was released, but it didn’t stop me from listening it on YouTube. This album is different from Badlands, in many ways.

The album opens up with “The Prologue.” On this track Halsey reads Shakespeare’s prologue from Romeo and Juliet. After doing some research, I learned that the album was inspired by that play. This article breaks down a few of the tracks and explains Halsey’s “kingdom.” I found this concept very interesting. I like how Halsey has a tendency to create different worlds through her albums (first the “Badlands” and now a “kingdom”), and how she tells a story through each song.

The songs are tied together with a similar theme of lyrics, but they are very different in the way they are presented. The instrumentals, vocals and even styles vary in each song. One song could sound like a pop song. Then, the next one sounds more soulful, and on the next track, all of the sudden, Halsey is rapping. I like how Halsey did this. It keeps listeners interested. It’s also completely cohesive at the same time because it still tells a story.

Another thing to note on this album is Halsey’s voice. Her vocals sound much more powerful than they did in the last album. As I mentioned before, some of her songs sound more soulful (listen to “Alone“) and so does her voice. I think Halsey definitely made use of all her voice is capable of. It proves that Halsey is not only a genius writer, but even more of an amazing singer than we had already imagined.

This album is different from the last one. I fell in love with Badlands because of its alternative, organic feel. Originally, I was expecting her sophomore album to have a similar feel. I am definitely not disappointed though. There is so much to this album. From the music to the lyrics to the instrumental, everything is perfect. It was not what I was expecting, but it might be better that way. This album shows all Halsey is capable of, and what she’s capable of is truly incredible.

As with Badlands and the Room 93 EP, Halsey still manages to write exactly what I’m feeling – what I need to here at a specific time. “Eyes Closed” is definitely my favorite track on the album right now. I think “Good Mourning” is incredibly interesting. It starts out with a young boy talking and then eery instrumentals and vocals cut in. It’s so creepy that it’s cool. I love it! It’s really hard to pick another favorite song on this album, but my current obsession is “Walls Could Talk.” This is another interesting song. It has a slight 90s-Justin Timberlake feel, but also makes use of some of the synthesizer effects used in today’s music.

I’ve already listened to this album on repeat since it’s come out. I will probably be listening to it on repeat for the next month. This is truly a successful sophomore record. It makes you feel like you’re part of Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

This album is definitely worth a listen!

Enjoy it, my Dolls!


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