2017 Focus: Don't Just Dream It, Achieve It

2017 Focus: Don’t Just Dream It, Achieve It

Get everything you want this year

I hope all of you had a very wonderful New Year and that you are enjoying the first few days. A lot of people make resolutions for  the new year. They swear they will keep up with the resolution and that it will change their lives. In my last post, I talked about New Year’s resolutions and how to make them over. I think one resolution for everyone in 2017 should be to achieve their dreams. People should resolve to work harder to get what they want.

One of the tragic flaws of the millennial generation is that we are used to getting a lot of things handed to us or for what we want to come easily without having to put in any real work. Truth is, things will not always get handed to us and, to get where we want to in life, we’re going to have to work for it. We’re the generation that has so many opportunities. We live in a constantly evolving world. Right now, we have this world at our finger tips. There are so many options for who to be, what career to have, where to live, how to live and so much more. In a sense, the world is our oyster.

The days of 2017 are young and there are so many different directions this year could go in. This year, get exactly what you want. Accomplish exactly what you need to. And, be everything you can be. Think back to all of the dreams you had as a kid or even some of the dreams you had last year. What are some of the things you thought you would be doing at this point in your life? Are those the things you still want? Are they the things you still need?

What are some of the dreams you have for yourself now? Maybe, in the short term, you want to get a marketing internship at a competitive company. This type of opportunity will not come easily. It cannot be handed to you. Sure, you may know someone who works for the company, but it is ultimately up to you to get the position you want. You’re the one who is sending in a resume. You’re the one who is being interviewed. You have to put the work in that you want to get out.

In 2017, I think we should all be more conscious of the fact that getting what we want it ultimately up to us. We can’t rely on someone else to give it to us. Like the old saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” We have to take control of our lives and this year is the year to do so.

Taking control of you life and achieving your dreams takes hard work, determination and motivation. Working hard really does pay off in the long run. Small things you achieve right now could make a bigger impact later in your life. If you work hard to get that marketing internship, maybe it will advance your career sooner than you expect. This year, work hard to get what you want. Put time, effort, blood, sweat and tears into achieving your goals.

Determination and motivation both go hand-in-hand with working hard. There is no way you will  work hard enough if you are not determined or motivated to. Motivation is only the start of the race. It is what initially gets you to start running. Determination is what helps you get to the finish line. First, you have to be motivated to start achieving your dreams. Then, you have to be determined to follow through with achieving them.

This year, you also cannot be afraid of facing any challenges. There definitely will be challenges in general this year. There will also be challenges on the path to getting what you want. Challenges are kind of like pop quizzes that you’re not fully prepared for. It is only evident that they are going to happen and you’re going to have to take them on eventually. All you can do is put in your best effort and hope for a positive outcome. Don’t let challenges discourage you.

This year can really be a great one. It’s only the first few days and you have the power to decide how the rest of the year turns out. Make this year different from the others. Get exactly what you want and work hard to get it. Your focus for 2017 should be “don’t just dream it, achieve it.” If you’re not happy with something that happens in 2017, change it. If you want something, go get it. You can get everything you want this year. You just have to work hard and take control.

Happy 2017, my dolls!


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